CHEM 3050/BIOL 3010
CHEM 3050/BIOL 3010
CHEM 3050/BIOL 3010

WINTER 2018 CHEM 3050/BIOL 3010/BCHM 3010 3.0 - Advanced Biochemistry


**NEW: Course Syllabus Winter 2018 (PDF)**


Lectures (PDF download):

Week 1: Course Intro, Intro to Metabolism

Week 2: Amino Acids to Proteins

Week 3: Protein Structure and Enzymes

Week 4: Enzyme Kinetics and Regulation

Week 5: Enzyme Dynamics and Function

Week 6: Energy Metabolism

Week 7: Oxidative Phosphorylation and Lipid Metabolism (Audio Recordings: March 5th, March 7th, March 9th)

Week 8: Nucleic Acid Metabolism (Audio Recordings: March 21st, March 23rd)

Week 9: Amino Acid Metabolism (Audio Recordings: March 26th, March 28th)

Week 10: Iron and Calcium Metabolism

Week 11: Metabolic Diseases and Poisons / Alcohol and Caffeine Metabolism (Audio Recordings: April 2nd, April 4th)

Week 12: The Origins of Metabolism


Useful Links: (cool tools for protein analysis)

Swiss pdb (a little annoying to use, but plenty powerful) (THE protein structure database)