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Current Members
Current Members


Lab Manager

Cristina obtained her BSc at York University in Specialized Honours Biochemistry. For her undergraduate research project, she worked in the Audette Laboratory on the crystallization of the TrbB protein involved in F-plasmid conjugation. She then went on to complete an NSERC USRA in the Wilson group which involved studying the oligomerization pathway of the K122-4 pilin from P. aeruginosa using ESI-IMS. This sparked her interest in mass spectrometry, and went on to complete her MSc in the Audette/Wilson lab – where she continued to study protein-protein interactions of the K122-4 pilin and between transfer proteins involved in bacterial conjugation using TRESI-HDX. Outside of the lab Cristina enjoys cooking, writing, and travelling.




Post-Doctoral Fellow

Banafsheh earned both her B.Sc. (in Pure Chemistry) and MSc (in Physical Chemistry) in her hometown, Tehran. In her master’s degree, she learned about the power of “biocomputational chemistry”. She used GROMACS, a Molecular Dynamics simulation software, to study the structural changes in a damaged DNA. Later, she joined Dr. Arvi Rauk's group, at University of Calgary, where she received her PhD in 2018. She used Molecular docking and Molecular Dynamics simulation to study amyloid-beta (Aß) aggregation and also interaction of Aß peptide with a series of designed anti-Aß aggregation peptidomimetics. Currently, Banafsheh joined Wilson’s lab, where she studies the interaction of small molecules with disordered proteins and antibodies. Although, barely something makes her more content than doing research, she loves to travel, and she enjoys volunteering for UNICEF.



Post-Doctoral Fellow


PhD Student




MSc Student

Esther is currently pursuing an MSc in Chemistry after completing her BSc in Specialized Honors Biochemistry. Currently, her project features antiapoptotic proteins Bcl-2 and Mcl-1 and their binding and structural dynamics. Her work with the Wilson lab began in 2018 as a Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award recipient, and continued as an undergraduate thesis student where she studied Glutathione-S-Transferase using TRESI-HDX mass spectrometry. Outside of school, she enjoys running, over-sized sweaters, and trying foods from around the world.




Undergraduate Student

Sibei is a third-year student at York university in specialized honor degree of Biochemistry. In 2020, he joined Wilson’s lab as a Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award recipient and focused on the comparing analysis of SSO ACP and human ACP using GEOMACS and VMD under the supervising of Dr. Banafsheh Mehrazma. He will continue his undergraduate research for BCHM 4000 in Wilson’s lab.


Kerene Brown (2020, PhD)

Ruth Knox (2019, PhD)

Lucienne Nouchikian (2019, MSc)

Xiaojing Huang (2019, MSc)

Lisa Szymkowicz (2019, MSc)

Irina Oganesyan (2018, MSc)

Antoine Bourget (2018, MSc)

Shaolong Zhu (2017, PhD)

Peter Liuni (2015, PhD)

Cristina Lento (2015, MSc, Co-Supervised by Dr. Gerald Audette)

Preet Kamal Gill (2015, MSc, Co-Supervised by Dr. Golemi-Kotra)

Diana Resetca (2014, MSc)

Tamanna Rob (2013, PhD)

Yanfang Liang (2012, PhD)

Araby Jeganathan (2012, MSc)